The Gang Finds a Dead Dragon

I would love to post about some awesome adventure or some type of difficulty we had in Sleeper’s Tomb but, it was really just a push over. We basically walked in, rolled around in the loot, someones eye got poked out, so we got in trouble and had to go home.

To sum it all up, Congratz Entrendre on finishing All of Velious. Good job gang, we earned it.

EQ000117 EQ000118 EQ000119 EQ000120

Temple of Veeshan Rompage

So what has Entendre been up to these past few weeks? Well…. Let me show you the glory of our Travels!

With the release of Velious, We have been Kicking ass a taking names! The loot has finally been worth blowing our loads of DKP on and gettin shit done!

Here’s a quick Hit List of the Bastards in NToV that have been hording their sweet stashes of Lewts for us to plunder.



Oh he’s Fancy!



When you’re shittin on the raid!





This cunt was a longggg ass fight! Fuck you DBG!!


Time to get pounded!



So there you have it. NToV, what a shit show of a zone DBG has turn this treasure trove into. ON TO Sleeper’s Tomb!

Thanks DBG, You ROCK!

Soooooo, as everyone knows by now, the lackluster skills or giving a fuck from DBG has let us all enjoy Winter, a bit early this year. Get ready for the Phat loots and chicks sittin on Santa’s lap. Day 1 of Velious has commenced.


This little Shit has wayyy too many HPs. EQ000037


So after the One Eye Wonder over there fell over, we proceeded into Kael to one shot everything.



NToV rompage inc soon.

The Houdini

Entendre was recently hired for a babysitting job early this week. Lil fucker pissed us off, so we spiked his juice box with some good ole’ Whiskey and put him down for a nap.


Such a fun fight. Great job guys!

Someone….had to go….

Let me tell you a story about this Lil Bitch dragon named Severilous. This bitch kept sexting me one night (of course after a long, hard night of drinking with her whore friends) and thought it would be a good idea to try and get some dick pics. Little did she know I was packing. I sent her (what was soon to be my best photo shop work ever) the good and obliged. Naturally, her expression could only be capture with a selfie…


After a few hours of hot, sweet phone sex, she wanted me to come over. Little did she know, I came with my Crew.

Here’s the Money Shot $$$


Needless to say, she was pretty spent. Beefcakes walked away with one of her Green Scales as a trophy. Gratz Beefcakes.


Oh ya, and then this shit happened. Piece of cake. Eye of Veeshan.



SOOO! We have been having a fucking blast so far in Kunark. Finally out of Classic and into a somewhat okay/shitty xpan. We have been working hard on lvling and epics. But between then, we have taken down some content of Kunark’s first week of launch.


VENRIL SATHIR. Gave up the phat lewts. Gratz on epic piece Strath.

Before VS tripped over his balls and died, we went on a scouting trip into the Plane of Fear and fuck with Cazic Thule himself. One shotted this bastard with 36 ppl. Great job guys.



Definitely more updates SOON!!

We went Hogging!

Wow! Sunday was one Hell of a night for us.  Our raid leader decided to roll on a few shrooms before the raid and took his own life. It was quite comical.

Proof that we have a good time!

After that we busted in on Lady Vox while she had her panties down, so we took what we came for and split straight for Naggy’s Lair.


Naggy was talkin some MAD shit about Iamdanny’s mom, so we had to show him what was up. Homie don’t play that!

He got knocked The Fuck Out!


Finally, we ended our adventures with an “Oh So Easy” Keeper of Souls kill. Great job Sunday night guys, lotsss more to come!


**Rael was hammered the whole night. .**