Summer Blues

Well, it’s been a long ass time since our Server First Updates. PoP has been decimated and LDoNs are a joke. Here’s some pretty pictures of just a few places we been rampaging through.



Isn’t Cheex just Adorable???!! 🙂 Even when she’s getting smacked around by her man. Awww. Kawaii!

EQ000323I feel like I’m being judged. What a dick.

EQ000318Whole server came out to watch these guys play Live!

EQ000309She was showing us her “Casting Couch” pose.

Till next time.

Welcome to the Thunderdome!

As everyone has heard and still unable to comprehend, DBG has been making a shit situation, even worse with the PoStorms bottle neck. Instead of actually creating a solution and letting everyone have a fun PoP release and progression into the Greatest Xpan this game has, they have decided to let the Top Tier guilds rule and dictate the other Guilds progression towards PoTime.  What does all this mean? Well… Let me Welcome you all to the….



While the rest of us are going to be trying our hardest to enjoy the Xpan release, we will ultimately have to train, be trained, KS, cut, spit, choke, curse, pull hair, and (heaven forbid)… Name call… to try and get our guilds keyed through PoStorms.

With all that said, i’ll leave you all with a quick snapshot of what it’s gonna be like.



See ya’ll out there. And remember, don’t take everything too serious. DBG made this happen.

Family Trip: Truck yeah!

Ding Dong, this Bitch is Dead! Yayyyy.

We have been pushing hard in the paint to get our keys done, and our hard work has definitely paid off. Most of these encounters are a joke, but at least I can say Emp has been a really fun fight. Congratz to all you guys in Entendre on the great Kill. Onward to Vex Thal.


This was our “Before” shot, using our show of force to scare Emp into just handing over the Lewts.

This was his reaction.


So we said Fuck that! BURN HIM ANYWAY!


He fought back some, but eventually gave up the loots.



Have to show some love to the Off Tank team, (or they’ll bitch at me) Way to Go guys, you too matter! </3

On to other matters,

I went for a stroll one day, in some dusty old Caverns, and I came across this punk ass Bitch.

He looked like he was on drugs, you know, the type that walks down the back ally, talking to themselves, scratching their necks, claiming to be the best on the server,.. (Hi Dima)… well anyways, he said something about my momma, so I was all like, HELLLLL Naaaa. I called up my boys, and we rode through.




After we were through with him, his boys didn’t want a piece of us, but they did ask politely to be in the family photo. So, I Obliged.

Oh ya, and there was this Lord dude. He gave up some okay loots. His horse though is pretty fast. Thanks Bruh!



More action shots of our Family Trip.

Me and my homie.




LOLOLOL @ this Grieg guy. He fell over drunk. What a Puss.


Till Next Time guys!


With Luclin just under a month away, we’re getting setup to prepare for the Launch.


I’m sure all of you are ready to turn your furry fetishes into reality here very soon. Some of you might even be taking the week off in preparation, and for those of you who are dedicated to put your entire life on hold and shutting your significant other out for the next 4.5 months, We salute you!




The Gang Finds a Dead Dragon

I would love to post about some awesome adventure or some type of difficulty we had in Sleeper’s Tomb but, it was really just a push over. We basically walked in, rolled around in the loot, someones eye got poked out, so we got in trouble and had to go home.

To sum it all up, Congratz Entrendre on finishing All of Velious. Good job gang, we earned it.

EQ000117 EQ000118 EQ000119 EQ000120

Temple of Veeshan Rompage

So what has Entendre been up to these past few weeks? Well…. Let me show you the glory of our Travels!

With the release of Velious, We have been Kicking ass a taking names! The loot has finally been worth blowing our loads of DKP on and gettin shit done!

Here’s a quick Hit List of the Bastards in NToV that have been hording their sweet stashes of Lewts for us to plunder.



Oh he’s Fancy!



When you’re shittin on the raid!





This cunt was a longggg ass fight! Fuck you DBG!!


Time to get pounded!



So there you have it. NToV, what a shit show of a zone DBG has turn this treasure trove into. ON TO Sleeper’s Tomb!